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That’s a (35$ a.k.a. €45) tiny full-fledged computer, which is hooked up to my home internet connection 24/7, running a webserver (at http://pi.graus.nu — if it’s down, grausPi is off or my internet is down) headless.

It also runs a revived @sem_web (remember him? My linked-data Twitterbot — now called @grausPi), so my Raspberry Pi introduces random-linked-data-fact-noise into the tweetosphere on an hourly basis. So if you too want to stay up to date with mind-boggilingly interesting facts as at the bottom of this post, check out @grausPi.

In the meantime, my Pi waits for a €5 WiFi USB dongle I ordered from DealExtreme, so it can free itself from half of its wires currently attached. Then I’ll think about some more projects to run on this Pi. I still have some servo-motors, LEDs and LDRs (Light Dependent Resistors — simple light meters) left from Arduino days long gone, and apparantly I can control these GPIO pins through Python, as opposed to Arduino’s proprietary language, which is cool. Now for the take-home message: