• June 20: Explainable AI. Should companies justify algorithmic decisions? (talk on “Reading News with a Purpose” + participation in panel session with Marcel Worring and Hinda Haned)
    Academisch-Cultureel Podium SPUI25, Amsterdam. link | video
  • May 20: Guest lecture “Collectieve Intelligentie” on News Personalization and Ethics @ FD Mediagroep
    Universiteit van Amsterdam (1st year Bachelor program Informatiekunde), Amsterdam.
  • April 12: Opening the black box of user profiles for self-actualization
    ICAI – AIRLab meetup on Fair and transparent machine learning, Zaandam, The Netherlands. link
  • March 20: Panel: Where is YOUR moral compass in building AI systems?Ā 
    ICT.Open 2019, Hilversum, The Netherlands. link | tweet
  • March 5: SMART Journalism Update
    Internal talk for editors of Het Financieele Dagblad, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. tweet
  • January 21: FD Mediagroep @ ICT with Industry: opening the black box of user profiles.
    ICT with Industry, Leiden, The Netherlands. link


  • December 15: How Media Technology brought me from Media to Technology (and media)
    Media Technology’sĀ Alumni Lecture Series: What’s next? #2: Research. Leiden, The Netherlands. link
  • October 6:Ā ā€œLet Me Tell You Who You areā€ ā€” Explaining Recommender Systems by Opening Black Box User Profiles
    TheĀ 2nd FATREC Workshop: Responsible Recommendation at RecSys 2018, Vancouver, Canada.Ā link
  • June 7: Technologische ontwikkelingen in informatievoorziening, KNVI-JI Middagsessie, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  • May 25: Wat is een algoritme? Toepassingen, voorbeelden, etc., Civil Weapons of Math Retaliation, Utrecht, The Netherlands.
  • May 17: Financial News Mining, Mind, Text & Mining Seminar, VU Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  • March 28: Zoeken, vinden, en aanbevelen: personalisatie vs. privacy, vogin-ip-lezing 2018: Zoeken & Vinden, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. linkĀ | slides
  • February 28th: Life after PhD…, Inspire session @ Data Science Career Fair, ACE @ Science Park, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. link
  • February 9th: Financial News Mining, PyData, RTL Nederland, Hilversum, The Netherlands. link | slides


  • November 16th:Ā Financial News Mining, Data Science Northeast Netherlands, Mydatafactory, Meppel, The Netherlands. link | slides
  • October 19th:Ā A word from our hosts…, The 8th Recommender Systems Amsterdam Meetup, FD Mediagroep, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. link
  • June 22nd: Regionale Data in Company.info,Ā Workshop “van regionale data naar informatie,” Utrecht School of Economics, Utrecht, The Netherlands. link
  • June 18th: De macht van data — Hoe algoritmen ons leven vormgeven, De Balie, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. link | video
  • June 16th: Entities of Interest — Discovery in Digital Traces PhD Defence, De Agnietenkapel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. link | slides
  • May 9th: Data & Democracy: een nieuwe liefde?, De Nieuwe Liefde, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  • March 23rd: Data maken van nieuws, FD Mediagroep, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


  • November 22nd:Ā Big Data & Machine Learning – Mogelijkheden & Valkuilen, Koninklijke Marechaussee Intelligence Dag, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. slides
  • July 13th:Ā Analyzing and Predicting Task Reminders,Ā 24th Conference on User Modeling, Adaptation and Personalization (UMAP 2016), Halifax, Canada. slides
  • MarchĀ 29th: Unpublished work, at internal ILPS group talk. Amsterdam.
  • FebruaryĀ 25th: Dynamic Collective Entity Representations for Entity Ranking, The 9th ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining (WSDM 2016), San Francisco, CA, USA. slides
  • February 16th:Ā Dynamic Collective Entity Representations for Entity RankingĀ (practice talk), at internal ILPS group talk. Amsterdam.


  • December 22nd: Unpublished work, at internal ILPS group talk, University of Amsterdam.
  • November 27th:Ā Dynamic Collective Entity Representations for Entity Ranking, TheĀ 14th Dutch-Belgian InformationĀ Retrieval Workshop (DIR 2015), Amsterdam. slides
  • October 16th: Final project presentation, CLUESĀ group, Microsoft Research,Ā Redmond, WA, US.
  • May 22nd: Semantic Search for E-Discovery, Bachelor Informatica Seminar, at University of Amsterdam.
  • May 19th:Ā  Email forwarding prediction, at internalĀ ILPS groupĀ talk, University of Amsterdam.
  • April 15th:Ā Achter het Algoritme,Ā Wat het internet voor jou verbergt, at BĆØtaBreak. Amsterdam. video


  • December 12th: Understanding Email Traffic, at Frontiers of Forensic Science Lecture Series, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. slides
  • June 27th: Entity Linking (at SEA), at Search Engines Amsterdam (SEA), Amsterdam, The Netherlands. slides
  • June 12th: Semantic Search in E-Discovery /Ā Understanding Email Traffic, at the E-Discovery NL Symposium 2014, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. slides | video
  • April 15th: Generating Pseudo-Ground Truth for Predicting New Concepts in Social Streams, at ECIR ’14, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. slides
  • March 27th:Ā Semantic search inĀ E-Discovery, at Open Minded, Leiden, The Netherlands.
  • February 22nd: Generating Pseudo-Ground Truth for Predicting New Concepts in Social Streams / Unpublished work, at CLIP talks, University of Maryland, Maryland, USA.


  • November 27th:Ā yourHistory – entity linking for a personalized timeline of historic events, at ICT.OPEN 2013, Eindhoven, The Netherlands. slides
  • September 12th: Semantic Linking and Contextualization for Social Forensic Text Analysis, at theĀ Forensic Text Analysis Workshop at EISIC ’13, Uppsala, Sweden.


  • September 18th: Semantic Search in E-Discovery, at the NWO Forensic Science Symposium, Den Haag, The Netherlands. slides