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… as an entity in the Google Knowledge Graph!

[bibshow file=citations.bib]Which is funny, because “emerging entities” were the main topic of my PhD Thesis [bibcite key=graus2017entities]. With my co-authors I’ve published research on:

  1. Learning how to recognize “out-of-knowledge base” entities emerging on social media [bibcite key=graus2014generating]
  2. How our collective memory is formed through “emerging entities” on Wikipedia [bibcite key=graus2018birth], and more generally
  3. Entity retrieval and ranking [bibcite key=graus2016dynamic] where Google’s so-called “Knowledge Panels” often served as examples…
Google’s AI unleashes the long tail?

(FYI: I’m not sure how I ended up there, the metadata seems to be coming from Google Scholar)