📅 October 17, 2011 • 🕐 20:33 • 🏷 Blog • 👁 122

Project with René Coenen and Ronald Bezemer, for the elective ‘Seminar Affective Computing‘, at the Delft University of Technology.

Title: Long Term Affect Expression in English Text to Speech Synthesis

Abstract: “Is it possible to improve the perceived naturalness of computer-generated speech by adding the expression of long-term affect? In order to answer this question we built a system which is able to analyse texts for affective content, interpret this affective content with an emotional model (using different initial emotional states), and express the interpreted affect using an affective Text-to-Speech engine. Our findings indicate that adding this extra form of expressiveness to Text-to-Speech engines does in fact improve perceived naturalness.”

For this project I created a script to extract affective content from texts, using the ANEW (Affective Norms for English Words) lexicon. The affective content was represented in PAD values (pleasure, arousal, dominance). We then implemented several ’emotion models’, or persona’s who each processed the raw affective content differently. An example of the raw PAD values from the Bible can be found @ graus.nu/project/bible.