RecSys in HR Workshop Recording available

For those who missed it — like myself 😏 — we have now published the full recording of our Recommender Systems in Human Resources (RecSys in HR) Workshop, which was held on October 1st, in conjunction with the ACM RecSys Conference in Amsterdam.

Our workshop included two keynotes, eight paper presentations, breakout sessions, a virtual panel on the topics of the upcoming EU framework on AI, Fair & inclusive HR Tech, and how to “activate hidden workers.” See the full program here.

So, if you have 4h33m to spare, see the full recording below! 

(or use the convenient YouTube chapter to jump through the program πŸ˜…)

Many thanks to all co-organizers, contributors, paper authors, and participants, both virtual and in-person! And hopefully we’ll see each other at the second edition ✌️.

Joined the #RecSys2021 organizing committee

After attending the beautiful virtual 14th ACM Conference on Recommender Systems (RecSys2020), I am happy to start looking forward to RecSys2021, which will be held in Amsterdam!

I am super excited to share that I’ve joined the organizing committee of RecSys2021 as local outreach chair, which means I’ll help out assisting the other chairs and linking the (local) industry and companies to the conference.

I’m looking forward to it! I have quite fond memories of co-organizing last year’s DIR 2019, and helping out the local organization of ECIR 2014 in Amsterdam.

ACM RecSys 2021: September 27 – October 1, in Amsterdam

Researchblog – First post

As I’ve finished my MSc thesis and have started working at the Information and Language Processing Systems group (ILPS) at the Universiteit van Amsterdam as a PhD candidate in a project in Semantic Search for e-Discovery, I figured it’d be time to leave my thesis blog behind, and start a brand new research blog. Continue reading “Researchblog – First post”

#OccupyAmsterdam wordle

WordleΒ van de 200 meest voorkomende woorden in tweets met hashtag #OccupyAmsterdam. Gemaakt van 5.239 tweetsΒ van tussen zaterdag 8 oktober 09:55 uur en 16 oktober 15:50 uur.
Handmatig gefilterd op nicknames en nietszeggende woorden. Hier is de lijst van de 1000 meest voorkomende woorden: OccupyAmsterdam-woorden.