As I’ve finished my MSc thesis and have started working at the Information and Language Processing Systems group (ILPS) at the Universiteit van Amsterdam as a PhD candidate in a project in Semantic Search for e-Discovery, I figured it’d be time to leave my thesis blog behind, and start a brand new research blog.

A Short Introduction

As I’ve only just started, I’m not going to be able to tell you what exactly I’ll be doing in the next four years. However, I can provide a small explanation and overview of the project I’ll be working on: ‘Semantic Search for e-Discovery’.

Semantic Search is about extracting structured information out of unstructured (raw) text,  not entirely unlike my thesis project. e-Discovery is about applying these information extraction approaches in mining digital information like e-mail databases and discussion fora to be able to (automatically) answer questions such as ‘Who knew what, at which time and from whom?’. Recognizing entities, attributes (properties) and relations, extracting lexical information and social network analysis are core subtasks.

I am really excited about this field of study, and have a firm belief in text-mining and semantic search approaches for all kinds of awesome applications in the future, from shaping search engine technology to creating useful tools for scholars across different fields to tackle big textual datasets for all kinds of purposes.

The future

So, there you go, that’s the short story. The longer story will unfold in the following four years. And this is the place where I will hopefully regularly post blogs concerning current projects, things and thoughts I come across during these years in this exciting field of study :-).

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