“Improving automated segmentation of radio shows with audio embeddings”

📅 July 5, 2019 🕐 15:41 🏷 Blog and Research

Oberon Berlage recently successfully defended his MSc. thesis (title above!) for the Data Science Master at University of Amsterdam, and graduated with a whopping 9!

He’s the first academic offspring of our AI Team @ FD Mediagroep, and worked on BNR SMART Radio‘s segmenter. Oberon improved our text-based segmenter by adding audio embeddings, improving the F1 score with +32%!

His thesis is now online, check it out at: http://scriptiesonline.uba.uva.nl/document/673254

University of Amsterdam at TAC 2012

📅 January 31, 2013 🕐 14:44 🏷 Papers and Research
Title Context-Based Entity Linking – University Of Amsterdam At TAC 2012 [link]
Author Graus, D.P., Kenter, T.M., Bron, M.M., Meij, E.J., de Rijke, M.
Publication type Conference Proceedings
Conference name Text Analysis Conference 2012
Conference location Gaithersburg, MD
Abstract This paper describes our approach to the 2012 Text Analysis Conference (TAC) Knowledge Base Population (KBP) entity linking track. For this task, we turn to a state-of-the-art system for entity linking in microblog posts. Compared to the little context microblog posts provide, the documents in the TAC KBP track provide context of greater length and of a less noisy nature. In this paper, we adapt the entity linking system for microblog posts to the KBP task by extending it with approaches that explicitly rely on the query’s context. We show that incorporating novel features that leverage the context on the entity-level can lead to improved performance in the TAC KBP task.
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ECIR 2014 in Amsterdam!

📅 November 20, 2012 🕐 14:01 🏷 Blog

ECIR 2014 Logo, design by Rutger de Vries/Perongeluk

The Intelligent Systems Lab Amsterdam (ISLA) at the University of Amsterdam has been awarded the hosting of the European Conference on Information Retrieval (ECIR) in 2014. The ‘local’ organization concerning such tasks as arranging a venue, keeping an eye on finances, arranging a social event, arranging accommodation for conference attendants, etc. of this big conference will be largely in hands of me and my fellow PhD candidate-colleagues. In my opinion quite an awesome way of getting some experience in all the aspects involving the organization of such an event.

Within this ECIR2014 ‘local team’, I am trusted with PR/Communication tasks. The first task I’ve done is getting a website up. It lives here: ecir2014.org. The site is designed by Rutger de Vries/Perongeluk and subsequently ever so subtly destroyed into usability by me and colleagues. Another PR task is Twitter, as we have full confidence of Twitter remaining the number one micro-blogging platform in 2014 ;-). So, you know what’s left to do: follow @ECIR2014, like ECIR 2014 & visit ECIR2014.org. And put down in your agenda: April 13th to 17th, 2014. See you there!