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“(a) A sagittal reconstruction of a coronally acquired magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan, at the level on which the cingulate gyrus was measured. The area outlined represents the portion of the scan used to orient the operator to the landmarks of the cingulate. A box has been placed over the region of interest in one hemisphere. (b) A diagram of the cingulate gyrus divided into the rostral portion of the anterior cingulate (RAC), the caudal portion of the interior cingulate (CAC), and the posterior cingulate (PC). Adjoining landmarks include the corpus callosum (CC), the lateral ventricle (Lat. Vent.), and the thalamus (Thal.). (c) The region of the cingulate gyrus measured in the present study, as delineated on the MRI scan of a control subject. […] ” (snippet)

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Two sets of annotations (Expert 1 & Expert 3)


Result in the following similarity graph: