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  • Algoritmewijsheid – Media Perspectives column

    For the Media Perspectives (“platform for media & innovation”) newsletter I wrote a column on the future of media & AI: Algoritmewijsheid. Read it below (in Dutch):

  • CS Column 3: Uncertainty

    The case of my disappearing socks I keep losing stuff. Even though I live on a surface of seven square meters I manage to misplace and lose all kinds of stuff. More than once pairs of my socks get separated, resulting in me having to wear two different socks. This leaves me wondering: did I […]

  • CS Column 2: Evolution

    Mobb Deep’s Vision on Evolution Theory “Yo, yo We livin’ this till the day that we die Survival of the fit, only the strong survive” Mobb Deep, Survival of the Fittest (1995) While I seriously doubt Mobb Deep’s ‘Survival of the Fittest’ song was intended to enlighten their audience with the ideas of evolution theory, […]