Featured in BNR’s “Artificial Intelligence Podcast” on AI in Media Part I: Tech

In the latest AI Podcast, I am featured, talking with Li’ao Wang on our SMART Radio and SMART Journalism projects. Stream the episode below!

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“Media is smart, but needs to get smarter. That’s what we’re working on here at the FD Mediagroep. Come and see what we do with AI to make our creators and content better.”


Demo Paper: “SMART Radio: Personalized News Radio”

We’re demo’ing SMART Radio at The 17th Dutch-Belgian Information Retrieval workshop (DIR 2018). We wrote a short paper titled “SMART Radio: Personalized News Radio” to accompany the demo, read it by clicking below!

  • [PDF] M. Sappelli, D. M. Chu, B. Cambel, J. Nortier, and D. Graus, “Smart radio: personalized news radio,” in The 17th dutch-belgian information retrieval workshop, 2018.
    title={SMART Radio: Personalized News Radio},
    author={Sappelli, Maya and Chu, Dung Manh and Cambel, Bahadir and Nortier, Joeri and Graus, David},
    booktitle={The 17th Dutch-Belgian Information Retrieval workshop},