yourHistory — Semantic linking for a personalized timeline of historic events

Title yourHistory — Semantic linking for a personalized timeline of historic events
Author David Graus, Maria-Hendrike Peetz, Daan Odijk, Ork de Rooij, Maarten de Rijke
Publication type Workshop Proceedings
Workshop name LinkedUp Challenge at Open Knowledge Conference (OKCon) 2013
Conference location Geneva, Switzerland
Abstract In this paper we present yourHistory: a Facebook application that aims to generate a tailor-made, personalized timeline of historic events, by matching a semantically enriched Facebook profile to a pool of candidate historic events extracted from DBPedia. Two aspects are central to our application: (i) semantic linking technologies backed by rich open web knowledge bases for generating semantically enriched user profiles, and (ii) semantic relatedness metrics for ranking historic events to user profiles. This paper describes the development of a Facebook application that aims to be engaging for users, whilst at the same time being a source for data that can be applied to evaluating or improving the application. We describe our Wikipedia-based semantic relatedness metric for event ranking, but also the restrictions and constraints concerning privacy-sensitive and ethical matters, around data storage and user consent. Finally, we reflect on how this type of user data can be applied for evaluating or improving both the semantic linking and event ranking methods in future work.
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Multilingual semantic linking for video streams: making “ideas worth sharing” more accessible

Title Multilingual Semantic Linking for Video Streams: Making “Ideas Worth Sharing” More Accessible
Author D. Odijk, E. Meij, D. Graus, and T. Kenter
Publication type Workshop Proceedings
Workshop name The 2nd International Workshop on Web of Linked Entities (WoLE2013)
Conference name WWW 2013
Conference location Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Abstract This paper describes our submission to the Developers Challenge at WoLE2013, Doing Good by Linking Entities.” We present a fully automatic system which provides intelligent suggestions in the form of links to Wikipedia articles for video streams in multiple languages, based on the subtitles that accompany the visual content. The system is applied to online conference talks. In particular, we adapt a recently proposed semantic linking approach for streams of television broadcasts to facilitate generating contextual links while a TED talk is being viewed. TED is a highly popular global conference series covering many research domains; the publicly available talks have accumulated a total view count of over one billion at the time of writing. We exploit the multilinguality of Wikipedia and the TED subtitles to provide contextual suggestions in the language of the user watching a video. In this way, a vast source of educational and intellectual content is disclosed to a broad audience that might otherwise experience diculties interpreting it.
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