On March 20 I am participating in the first Workshop on AI bias: Measurements, Mitigation, Explanation Strategies Amsterdam, as part of the AI Fairness Cluster Inaugural Conference (FINDHR is part of the AI Fairness Cluster). I am looking forward to this workshop with a strong program, where I have also contributed to the following two papers that were accepted for presentation;

  • Alessandro Fabris, Nina Baranowska, Matthew J. Dennis, David Graus, Philipp Hacker, Jorge Saldivar, Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius and Asia J. Biega Bias Conducive Factors in Algorithmic Hiring
  • Adam Mehdi Arafan, David Graus, Fernando P. Santos and Emma Beauxis-Aussalet End-to-End Bias Mitigation in Candidate Recommender Systems with Fairness Gates (Extended Abstract)

A picture for proof:

Check out the poster we created for Adam’s paper here:

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