Our position paper “SMART Journalism: Personalizing, Summarizing, and Recommending Financial Economic News” was accepted at Algorithmic Personalization and News (APEN18) workshop, held at ICWSM ’18!

In this paper, we detail some of the ideas and opportunities of personalization in the domain of financial economic news. Read the pre-print below!

  • [PDF] M. Sappelli, D. M. Chu, B. Cambel, J. Nortier, and D. Graus, “Smart radio: personalized news radio,” in Proceedings of the 17th dutch-belgian information retrieval workshop, 2018, p. 27.
    title={SMART Radio: Personalized News Radio},
    author={Sappelli, Maya and Chu, Dung Manh and Cambel, Bahadir and Nortier, Joeri and Graus, David},
    booktitle={Proceedings of the 17th Dutch-Belgian Information Retrieval Workshop},

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