Our position paper ““Let Me Tell You Who You are” — Explaining Recommender Systems by Opening Black Box User Profiles” was accepted at the 2nd FATREC Workshop on Responsible Recommendation, held at RecSys ’18!

In this paper, we detail some our ideas and approaches of providing transparency in recommendations through displaying the user profiles, used ‘internally’ by our recommender system. Read the pre-print below!

  • [PDF] D. Graus, M. Sappelli, and D. M. Chu, “Let me tell you who you are,” in The 2nd fatrec workshop on responsible recommendation, 2018.
    title={Let me tell you who you are},
    author={Graus, David and Sappelli, Maya and Chu, Dung Manh},
    booktitle={The 2nd FATREC Workshop on Responsible Recommendation},
FATREC Position paper: Explaining recommender systems by opening black box user profiles

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