📅 November 21, 2018 • 🕐 11:31 • 🏷 Papers

We’re demo’ing SMART Radio at The 17th Dutch-Belgian Information Retrieval workshop (DIR 2018). We wrote a short paper titled “SMART Radio: Personalized News Radio” to accompany the demo, read it by clicking below!

  • [PDF] M. Sappelli, D. M. Chu, B. Cambel, J. Nortier, and D. Graus, “Smart radio: personalized news radio,” in The 17th dutch-belgian information retrieval workshop, 2018.
    title={SMART Radio: Personalized News Radio},
    author={Sappelli, Maya and Chu, Dung Manh and Cambel, Bahadir and Nortier, Joeri and Graus, David},
    booktitle={The 17th Dutch-Belgian Information Retrieval workshop},