A few weeks ago, I took the initiative and participated in a Apache Spark workshop at SURF. As part of SURF’s year report, I was interviewed to comment on the workshop and talk a bit about my own research. SURF published the article recently: read it here! A small outtake below:

One of the participants was David Graus, who conducts research in the field of digital forensics. As a PhD student, he is involved with the ‘Semantic Search in E-Discovery’ project, which was set up in collaboration with the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) and the Dutch Fraud Squad (FIOD).

‘We develop programs or algorithms that help analysts search for digital evidence in documents,’ says David. ‘Analysts are currently doing a lot of this manually, by getting hold of a number of computers, for example, and browsing through the files. They look at the email files to find out who was in contact with whom, and what they discussed in their emails. We are trying to automate this process.’

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