Een lijstje zoekresultaten is geen etalage

📅 March 23, 2019 • 🕐 10:00 • 🏷 Blog and Media and Writing

I wrote a response on recent coverage around the alleged ‘promotion’ of anti-vax books by, suggesting it is due to “influential, steering, algorithms.” In this piece I state it’s not an issue of algorithms, but of long-tail, obscure, content. My response was published in Het Parool, as an edited letter. Read the original, unedited piece (in Dutch) below.


Algorithms aren’t neutral. And that’s a good thing.

📅 June 23, 2016 • 🕐 16:37 • 🏷 Blog and Writing

Below is an article I wrote with Maarten de Rijke, which was published in and NRC Handelsblad under a somewhat misleading title (which wasn’t ours). I cleaned up a Google Translate translation of this article. The translation is far from perfect, but I believe gets the main point across. You can read the original article in Blendle (for €0.29) or on (for free).

See the article in NRC
The article in NRC