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  • De online fabeltjesfuik bestaat (ook) niet

    Update: I shared this post on LinkedIn where it received 25k+ views and a bunch of comments! Leuk stuk van Lubach, maar als filterbubbelontkenner en iemand die een flink deel van z’n boterham verdient aan het bouwen aan soortgelijke “algoritmen” voel ik me wel geroepen wat nuance in te brengen 😉.

  • Algoritmewijsheid – Media Perspectives column

    For the Media Perspectives (“platform for media & innovation”) newsletter I wrote a column on the future of media & AI: Algoritmewijsheid. Read it below (in Dutch):

  • Een lijstje zoekresultaten is geen etalage

    Een lijstje zoekresultaten is geen etalage

    I wrote a response on recent coverage around the alleged ‘promotion’ of anti-vax books by, suggesting it is due to “influential, steering, algorithms.” In this piece I state it’s not an issue of algorithms, but of long-tail, obscure, content. My response was published in Het Parool, as an edited letter. Read the original, unedited…

  • Algorithms aren’t neutral. And that’s a good thing.

    Below is an article I wrote with Maarten de Rijke, which was published in and NRC Handelsblad under a somewhat misleading title (which wasn’t ours). I cleaned up a Google Translate translation of this article. The translation is far from perfect, but I believe gets the main point across. You can read the original article in Blendle (for €0.29) or on…