Featured in Recsperts on ‘Recommender Systems in Human Resources’

πŸ“… November 17, 2022 β€’ πŸ• 13:23 β€’ 🏷 outreach

It is now official, right? I am now a recommender system expert (by virtue of appearing on Marcel Kurovski‘s Recsperts podcast series).

It was great fun to geek out with a knowledgeable host on anything recsys in HR, we touch on fairness, difficulties with delayed feedback signals, our RecSys in HR Workshop, and how I discover obscure rap music (OK, that’s not HR).

AI for Good at Felix Meritis

πŸ“… November 1, 2022 β€’ πŸ• 09:23 β€’ 🏷 outreach

Yesterday evening I was a guest next to Dasha Simons (IBM) and Oumaima Hajri (Hogeschool Rotterdam) in Felix Meritis at the invitation of Laurens Vreekamp to talk about — among other things — fair AI, ethics, and algorithmic bias.

It was nice and important to be able to discuss these topics from an optimistic and pragmatic perspective, because algorithms — when designed thoughtfully — offer so much more than scary filter bubbles or addictive “social dilemmas.”

See the event page for more details

πŸ“Έ Marijn Lems

Panel on AI for a more inclusive labor market

πŸ“… May 25, 2022 β€’ πŸ• 10:58 β€’ 🏷 outreach

At a conference in Utrecht I participated in a panel discussion alongside Hans de Zwart (HvA’s Centre of Expertise Applied AI), Rina Joosten-Rabou (Seedlink), Mildo van Staden (Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken en Koninkrijksrelaties) and Siri Beerends (SETUP).

I summarized my takeaways on LinkedIn, which I share below (in Dutch)


Roundtable at De Balie on ‘The power of algorithms, how algorithms shape our lives’

πŸ“… June 8, 2017 β€’ πŸ• 13:41 β€’ 🏷 Media and outreach

Update: see the opening talk I gave on what algorithms are, here: Mini-college “Hoe algoritmen ons leven vormgeven”

On Sunday, June 18th I will participate in a roundtable at De Balie on the power of algorithms, along with (a very nice lineup:) Wouter van Noort, Naomi Jacobs,Β Marjolein Lanzing,Β Rutger Rienks, andΒ Hans de Zwart.

For more information (and tickets), see: De macht van data, De Balie.