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  • Roundtable at De Balie on ‘The power of algorithms, how algorithms shape our lives’

    Update: see the opening talk I gave on what algorithms are, here: Mini-college “Hoe algoritmen ons leven vormgeven” On Sunday, June 18th I will participate in a roundtable at De Balie on the power of algorithms, along with (a very nice lineup:) Wouter van Noort, Naomi Jacobs, Marjolein Lanzing, Rutger Rienks, and Hans de Zwart. For more information (and…

  • Mention in De Correspondent’s “Je hebt wél iets te verbergen”

    It has come to my attention that the article I wrote with Maarten de Rijke on the lack of neutrality of algorithms is mentioned in Maurits Martijn & Dimitri Tokemetzis’ “Je hebt wél iets te verbergen” book on privacy, which you can order here.

  • Interview in Tekstblad: “Searching for truth in 11.5M documents”

    Tekstblad (a magazine for text professionals) contains an interview with Hans Henseler and myself, on the “Semantic Search for E-Discovery” project I have been involved with during my PhD. The title loosely translates to “Searching for truth in 11.5M documents.” (click the image for the PDF).

  • Apache Spark tutorial @ SURF

    A few weeks ago, I took the initiative and participated in a Apache Spark workshop at SURF. As part of SURF’s year report, I was interviewed to comment on the workshop and talk a bit about my own research. SURF published the article recently: read it here! A small outtake below: One of the participants was David Graus, who…

  • Talk at BètaBreak — “Behind the Algorithm”

    BètaBreak is a monthly panel discussion in the University of Amsterdam’s Science Park main hall, where guests speak about current topics in science. I am invited to join a panel discussion titled “Behind the Algorithm” (subtitled: “What the Internet hides from you”) on algorithms, personalization, filtering and the filter bubble, together with Joost Schellevis and Manon Oostveen. Wednesday! See the video +…