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  • Interviewed by The Netherlands Institute for Human Rights

    Interviewed by The Netherlands Institute for Human Rights

    I was interviewed by the Netherlands Institute for Human Rights, along with Joke de Groot, director HR flex at Randstad Groep Nederland, on AI and bias in the context of algorithmic matching. Read the full article (in Dutch) here: ‘Collega’s zullen nooit volledig afgaan op wat onze algoritmes zeggen’

  • In ABU’s “Reflex” on AI and the labor market

    I was interviewed for the ABU‘s quarterly magazine Reflex, alongside Jarno Duursma, to respond to the statement: “AI is unbiased and leads to more inclusive labor market” (spoiler: I partly agree). Read it online here

  • Algorithmic bias and bias mitigation talk at the anti-discrimination hackathon

    That was fun! The Online Anti-Discrimination Hackathon ran last weekend, a hakacthon co-organized by Ministerie van OCW, Inspectie SZW, Ministerie van BZK, and Hackathon Factory which revolved around “gender discrimination in data collection and labeling for automated assessment and selection of candidates.” Having ample experience in designing and developing AI-powered candidate selection systems, and the…

  • Featured on the European Science-Media Hub

    Featured on the European Science-Media Hub

    In the context of the upcoming workshop “AI and Journalism” Bennie Mols interviewed me for the website of the European Science-Media Hub, on how we apply AI in journalism for Het FD and BNR. Read the piece here: AI could boost journalism with smart tools Or read the more in-depth background interview here: A scientist’s…

  • Don’t blame the algorithm

    Don’t blame the algorithm

    In response to my op-ed in Het Parool, Jim Stolze interviewed me and published the interview on the website of De Nationale AI Cursus (a free online course/MOOC on AI aimed at the general public); Read the article below: Geef niet het algoritme de schuld

  • Een lijstje zoekresultaten is geen etalage

    Een lijstje zoekresultaten is geen etalage

    I wrote a response on recent coverage around the alleged ‘promotion’ of anti-vax books by, suggesting it is due to “influential, steering, algorithms.” In this piece I state it’s not an issue of algorithms, but of long-tail, obscure, content. My response was published in Het Parool, as an edited letter. Read the original, unedited…

  • Featured in De Volkskrant on SMART Journalism

    De Volksrant wrote published an article on Dutch robo-journalism, where I’m featured on explaining our SMART Journalism recommender system + abstractive summarization plans. Read the article by clicking on the image below: And read more about our SMART Journalism project in our position paper:

  • Featured in BNR’s “Artificial Intelligence Podcast” on AI in Media Part I: Tech

    In the latest AI Podcast, I am featured, talking with Li’ao Wang on our SMART Radio and SMART Journalism projects. Stream the episode below! “Media is smart, but needs to get smarter. That’s what we’re working on here at the FD Mediagroep. Come and see what we do with AI to make our creators and…

  • Interviewed in “IP – vakblad voor informatieprofessionals”

    In the magazine IP (“journal for information professionals”) I am interviewed as one of three young professionals who show that ‘traditional categories and conceptual frames need to be readjusted.’ More specifically, it describes how my multi-disciplinary background, with an academic background in media studies, professional experience in the media, with a PhD in computer science, is important…

  • Digital forensics in the real world: the Ennetcom data

    In the context of a high-profile legal case (involving a bunch of data acquired from encrypted “Ennetcom” phones) I assisted lawyer Inez Weski in acquiring insights and trying to understand how digital forensic tools were used in the collection of digital evidence. I did this work in the context of my PhD research on semantic search for…

  • Interviewed in RTL XL’s “How it’s done” on data science for news analysis.

    In RTL XL’s “How it’s done” me and’s CTO Henk Pijper explain why and how we apply AI and data science at to gain insights from online news. 

  • In NRC on the state of robo-journalism in The Netherlands

    Article on ‘robo-journalism’ in NRC Handelsblad, titled “Waar blijft de Nederlandse robotjournalist?” where I briefly mention our SMART Journalism project.

  • Featured in article on ‘robo-journalism’ in the Netherlands

    Stimuleringsfonds voor de Journalistiek published an article on ‘robo-journalism’, where I say something about the SMART Journalism project we are doing at FDMG, which involves personalization and summarization of newspaper articles. Read it here! (pdf). Snippet: Door introteksten te personaliseren, kun je meer doelgroepen bedienen.’ Bij het genereren van gepersonaliseerde intro’s op basis van artikelen,…

  • In “Denktank” on algorithms, behavioral analysis, and personalization

    My debut on national TV ;-)! Denktank is a TV show where youngsters explore and think about how (current day) technology will affect them in the future. In this episode I explain some of the mechanisms behind algorithmic personalization. Stream the episode at (the part with me starts at about 05:00), or see the website…

  • Featured in FD on the value of (personal) data

    In today’s edition of Het Financieele Dagblad, I am quoted in an article on the value of (personal) data titled “Wanneer je gegevens geld waard zijn”; De kennis die met die cookies wordt verzameld, wordt vervolgens verkocht aan nog eens tientallen bedrijven die daarmee hun reclameboodschappen gericht kunnen afvuren. ‘Waar je ook komt op het…