Download a pre-print of Graus, D., Peetz, M-H., Odijk, D., de Rooij, Ork., de Rijke, M. “yourHistory — Semantic linking for a personalized timeline of historic events,” in CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 2014.

Update #1

I presented yourHistory at ICT.OPEN 2013:

The slides of my talk are up on SlideShare:

yourHistory – entity linking for a personalized timeline of historic events from David Graus

And we got nominated for the “Innovation & Entrepreneurship Award” there! (sadly, didn’t win though 😉 ).


Original Post

yourHistory - OKConference poster

For the LinkedUp Challenge Veni competition at the Open Knowledge Conference (OKCon), we (Maria-Hendrike Peetz, me, Daan Odijk, Ork de Rooij and Maarten de Rijke) created yourHistory; a Facebook app that uses entity linking for personalized historic timeline generation (using d3.js). Our app got shortlisted (top 8 out of 22 submissions) and is in the running for the first prize of 2000 euro!

Read a small abstract here:

In history we often study dates and events that have little to do with our own life. We make history tangible by showing historic events that are personal and based on your own interests (your Facebook profile). Often, those events are small-scale and escape history books. By linking personal historic events with global events, we to link your life with global history: writing your own personal history book.

Read the full story here;

And try out the app here!

It’s currently still a little rough around the edges. There’s an extensive to-do list, but if you have any feedback or remarks, don’t hesitate to leave me a message below!

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One response to “yourHistory – Entity linking for a personalized timeline of historic events”

  1. Jodi Schneider Avatar
    Jodi Schneider

    David, this looks awesome!

    Some suggestions for your yourHistory page:
    – make the screenshots clickable (to show larger images)
    – consider putting them at the top
    – make an image to show what is happening (e.g. Facebook in –> yourHistory out) — maybe the image from your poster above.
    – consider who your audience is (so far scientists, given the description with BOW, entities) for this page, and what info is most important — if possible, get an image like the overall one from your poster at the very top.

    🙂 -J

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