📅 October 4, 2011 • 🕐 20:57 • 🏷 Blog • 👁 17

The Real Internet Globalizer is a concept for an internet browser widget, designed together with Barry Borsboom. The widget aims to actively contribute to a more globalized internet. It is designed with three principles in mind:

  1. Creating awareness of the geographical size of the user’s ‘personal internet’
  2. Actively contributing in expanding this geographically confined internet
  3. Providing feedback of the progress made in the geographical size of the internet to the user

For the primary feature, The Real Internet Globalizer gathers geographical data of all the news websites the user visits. It displays the distribution of the different countries visited in an infographic on a map of the world, to provide instant insight as to where the user surfs most frequently. For the second feature, TRIG will find and ‘suggest’ similar content to the users, from parts of the world where the user normally doesn’t surf. This will make the user able to judge if other countries provide other points of view. By following the suggestions, the user will have a more globalized surfing behaviour.

The Real Internet Globalizer was inspired by a talk by Ethan Zuckerman during the Cloud Intelligence Symposium at the Ars Electronica Festival in 2009.

Download the paper describing the Real Internet Globalizer here: BarryBorsboom_DavidGraus-TheRealInternetGlobalizer.pdf [266kb]