I was honored to give the opening talk at the NLP4HR workshop in ☀️ sunny St. Julians, Malta! (bit bummed out I got to do it remotely from 🌧️ overcast and rainy Diemen, The Netherlands 🥸).

I gave a talk on recommender systems, bias, and bias mitigation in hiring with a focus on NLP challenges and solutions, where I adressed some of the open standing challenges in bias in textual data and features, some mitigation strategies, and the overall importancy and urgency of the topic, in light of incoming 🇪🇺 legislation. Such a fairness-filled week, this week 😅.

In addition, our former intern Lois Rink presented her master thesis “Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis for Open-Ended HR Survey Responses” (co-authored with Job Meijdam and myself) at the workshop.

Thanks to Estevam Hruschka and Naoki Otani of Megagon Labs for the invitation and excellent workshop!

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