🗣️ Please consider donating your (anonymized) CV to advance research into bias mitigation in algorithmic hiring!

With Randstad we are part of a consortium of research institutions (e.g., University of Amsterdam, Radboud Universiteit, Universitat Pompeu Fabra), civil society organizations (e.g., AlgorithmWatch), and companies (e.g., Adevinta) under the EU-funded FINDHR research project.

The FINDHR project aims to:
1️⃣ create new ways to measure algorithmic bias,
2️⃣ propose technical implementations for bias mitigation strategies, and
3️⃣ meaningfully incorporate human expertise
in algorithmic hiring systems (i.e., job/job seeker recommender systems).

To achieve these ambitious goals, the project requires real CVs and résumés. For that reason, FINDHR has initiated a CV donation campaign, where you’ll be able to donate your (anonymized) CV with just a few clicks. These donated CVs will be used to generate a dataset of realistic-but-fake synthetic CVs, that will serve as the basis for studying and developing bias and bias mitigation in job/job seeker recommender systems.

Your donated data will be safe: stored securely, can be deleted/withdrawn at any time upon request, and only accessible to authorized persons in the FINDHR research project who are required to sign confidentiality agreements.

Please consider donating your CV to accelerate research into bias and bias mitigation strategies for algorithmic hiring systems! For more details, check the donation campaign’s FAQ (or ping me!).

Donate your CV with just a couple of clicks here: findhr.eu/datadonation!

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