I’m giving a talk at the KINTalks series, organized by the KIN Center for Digital Innovation on March 25. It’s going to be a hybrid event, so happy to meet you at the VU Amsterdam, and if not, see you online! RSVP here on EventBrite.

KINTalks is a hybrid event where practitioners are invited to talk about their work experience regarding innovation and digital technology.

The blurb

At Randstad, the global leader in the HR services industry, searching and matching is at the heart of what we do. Being founded in 1960, We know from our heritage that real connections are not made from data and algorithms alone – they require human involvement. Last year, we helped more than two million job seekers find a meaningful job by combining industry-scale recommender and search systems with our distinct human touch. While many opportunities exist, employing AI in recruitment and HR is considered high-risk by the European Commission’s proposed regulatory framework on AI, which will bring additional requirements, obligations, and constraints.

In this hybrid talk, I will explain some of the characteristics of, challenges, and opportunities in the HR domain from an AI perspective. I will share some of our own work in recommendations, algorithmic matching, algorithmic bias and knowledge graphs, and highlight some of the ongoing research in this domain.

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